Back to the Basics.....Meal Plan

Day 1
I'm bringing you BACK TO THE BASICS with a simple 7-Day Meal Plan & Grocery List. Sometimes it's nice not to have to "think" of what to make for the week, so I did the planning for YOU!!
Keep in mind, this is for a 1,200-1,499 daily calorie range. Depending on your height and weight, you may need increase your food intake. 
Want to SAVE TIME? 
Buy your groceries online with Amazon Fresh or Pea Pod.
Did you know you can also order your groceries online from Walmart? After you order, they will have your groceries prepared for you to pick up!
Grocery List....
One of my favorite places to shop is Aldi. They have low prices and the food is excellent!! Don't forget your quarter for the cart!! And you may want to bring some extra shopping bags with you or you can buy brown paper bags for 10 cents each!


Meal Plan Time.....
Here you go! I have breakfast, lunch and snacks planned just for YOU! I also included 7 meals for your entire family.  
Don't have time to cook eggs in the morning? Pre-make egg muffins instead for the week and store in the fridge!
The amount of sweet potatoes depends on how many family members you are feeding. Salad....I highly recommend getting the prepacked mixed salads. Veggies are all cut and ready to go!
Recipes Links:
Breakfast: Mini Egg Muffins

Snack: Apple Crisp 

Lunch: BLT (Turkey Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) 

Dinners:  Unstuffed Pepper Casserole 
               Chicken Tacos 
               Mama Meatloaf 
               Balsamic Pork Roast
               Turkey Burgers
                Oven Baked Fajitas