Shift Shop Test Group Transformations

I literally CANNOT WAIT for the official Shift Shop launch on July 12th!! You guys are going to love this program! To get you pumped for the launch in July, I had to share some amazing coach test group results!! It's crazy how your body can take shape in just 3 weeks. I always say, the scale may or may not budge much, but it's the pictures and measurements that don't lie!!
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Ding, ding, ding.......Round 1 Results!!!
 “Down 9 pounds. Lost 11 inches. Gained strength, speed, flexibility and my smile! This never ending journey of health and fitness blows my mind every day! It’s amazing how following a program to a tee for just 3 weeks can change my body so drastically!”
 “10.2 POUNDS DOWN and 15.5 INCHES!!!! Four months postpartum and I feel MYSELF again…actually, BETTER.
This program is for REAL. The biggest change is all over my face…I have so much more confidence…this mental shift is huge for me. I NEEDED to know that I could do something like this again…that I had the willpower.
I showed up EVERY SINGLE DAY. I fought through strep throat, I even cried at times in my workouts, but I made it happen. I reminded myself “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” He worked in me and through me.
Hear this- if I can do this, YOU can do this. I am a foodie (one of the reasons I love coaching- because I can relate), It isn’t easy for me to lose weight, I am a nursing mama who’s body wants to hang on to fat (I gained 50 lbs nursing my son alone and then lost it using these programs and drinking shakeology. This time I didn’t have to search for the answer…I knew it.).
The odds are stacked, but the “shift” happened in my heart, head and therefore then my body. I am so so PROUD. I am so happy. Bring on Round 2.”

“Down 6.5 pounds. Lost 9 inches. ‘We ALL have unlimited, untapped potential if we are willing to get uncomfortable.’ A wise man by the name of Chris Downing taught me that. I was certainly tested during the last 3 weeks – it’s been chaotic at times – but you can choose to lean in and make the shift. I followed a vegan diet for 40 days prior to the Shift Shop, so I made an adjustment to my diet to stay true to the plan. I may stick with just fish and eggs this round.
In Week 1, we closed on our new home. There were lots of late nights and stress associated with that. I enjoyed Mother’s Day and family celebrations sticking with the eating plan.
In Week 2, I was reminded how important the basics really are. There were nights I didn’t get enough sleep and wasn’t mindful of my water intake. I felt my results were limited by simple stuff (hello!! Sleep and hydrate!) I preach self-care with my Team and Challengers and had to take a step back, be honest with myself and make a decision to take better care of myself going forward.
In Week 3, I traveled for 4 days, attended an amazing seminar and REALLY had to think and plan ahead when it came to food. It was the first time I brought a cooler with me on vacay but it worked like a charm! I stuck to the plan, I was prepared and managed it all (including fun dinners out with the ladies enjoying alcohol) without any problems.
For 3 weeks I fully committed, in nutrition and fitness. Hardest I have ever worked. It was the most I have EVER been tested physically.
I made the shift and I’m infinitely better for it!! I’ve never felt stronger in my life. Just when you think you don’t have any more to give physically, Chris says the perfect thing to encourage you to give just a little more. I am so so grateful to have participated in this test group. This program is BRILLIANT.”
 “Alright friends and family…the time has come. Here’s what the last 21 days of HARD WORK, dialed in nutrition, and the healthiest meal of the day got me…the BIGGEST smile in the entire world!!! Oh, and -11 inches and -8 pounds…SEVEN of which were from my WAIST!!!
So let me be straight with you for a second. I took my after pictures this morning and I was SOOO upset. I didn’t see the change. I knew I’d have to post these pictures AGAIN. The ones that I was SO embarrassed about. It threw me into a tailspin of emotions. Then, I went to my crew. My girls. My lifeline. My FELLOW CHALLENGERS . They talked me out of my funk. They told me that no mater what I saw, I was a COMPLETEY DIFFERENT PERSON today than I was 21 days ago.
And it’s true. I am. Before this program, I tended to modify when it got hard. I would ease up on my nutrition when given the chance. I found every EXCUSE to have a cheat.
The the amazing Chris Downing was put in front of me. For some strange reason, *I* was hand selected out of 400,000+ coaches to participate in this 300 member test group. ME! In a TEST GROUP!
This is EXACTLY what I needed. A kick in the rear. A PUSH to be better. A REASON not to give up on myself. I’m no longer embarrassed. I’m excited. I’m PROUD of my hard work. My smile is GENUINE and TRUE again! Kelly is BACK! Guys – if I can do it – ANYONE CAN!!!”