Meet Misty

Hello and welcome! I’m Misty Nanna, All Star Competitive Dance Team Coach, Program Director and Dance Educator. I’m so happy you decided scroll this way! If you love everything about DANCE, then you are my kind of people, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

I’ve combined my 30+ years of dancing, 20 years as a dance educator and fitness expertise to help you take your dance team program to the next level. I work 1:1 with dance team coaches who are looking for guidance in mapping out their season and in need of ideas to expand and grow their dance team program with confidence and a positive spirit. 


When I built the Iconic Dance Team program from the ground up, I had to figure everything out from marketing the new dance team program, tryout score sheets, creating a practice schedule, pricing, workshops, hiring choreographers, etc. I soon began to realize, as successful season does not have to be so overwhelming.  I've combined my knowledge of dance education over the past 20 years with coaching and put it into action to create a simple system. Organizing our first year using simple and easy to use techniques, earned both of our teams a bid to dance summit and ranked 3rd and 4th in the nation our first year as a program.

I decided coaches needed to know that creating a successful dance season can be done with simplicity. I help take out the guess work. Let me help you map out your season including anything and everything from auditions, practice schedules, workouts, technique classes, hiring choreographers and more. Learn how your team can benefit in a POSITIVE way by making a pivot in your program to bring you magical dance season.

Let me help you have one of your best dance seasons yet!


Misty XO