"It started when I saw Misty's posts about her story and continued with her inspiring, positive posts to keep others engaged. From the time I reached out to Misty she has shown the endless support that I've needed to continue on my journey!  I couldn't imagine anyone else being my coach! This woman's determination and willingness to help others makes my heart so happy"
Maureen L.

"Coach Misty brought the love of back dance into my daughter's life. I cannot thank her enough for not only teaching my daughter proper, technical dance training, but also how to be a positive person in life. She is more than just a dance team coach to my daughter, she is an inspiration!!" 
Ken J.

"My daughter joined Iconic this past fall and so happy she did. We really enjoy watching her learn and grow from the programs and have seen a boost in her confidence. She absolutely loves her team and coaches Misty and Paige are amazing! They constantly promote teamwork, inclusion, and reflection at practices and in competition. It’s been a really great experience for all of us."
Mary K.

"Misty is the most motivational person to watch and be around. I've been working with Misty for about 7 months and every time I give up on myself, Misty is right there to help me pick up the pieces and get back in the mindset of why I am doing this. Watching Misty achieve her goals and praise everyone who achieves their goals is heartwarming. She truly wants everyone to succeed. Misty is a successful Coach because she cares about the people she is working with. She puts herself out there every day to help and motivate us. Misty is one of a kind and I am so happy I can call her my Coach and my Friend!"

Selina A. 


"Misty is the most fun and sweetest person to work with ever! She gets it done and knows when it’s time to work and time to play. Her spirit is contagious and I just love her to pieces! Anyone that gets to work with Misty and have her in their circle is beyond blessed. "

Lindsey G. 

"Coach Misty, I can’t thank you enough for what to bring to our kiddos! You not only push them to be a strong team, but also push them to be the best version of themselves with pride and confidence. I also thank you so much for making this competition extra special with the stadium tour of Kinnick Stadium at your alma mater (University of Iowa) and allowing them too see a part of your journey in life. I am so happy with all the memories and friendships that Gillian and Logan have been able to make this season! I’m even more excited they will all get to experience Dance Summit together, it is going to be so fun!!"
Crystal S.

"Just about a year ago I was feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and extremely unhappy with myself. After creeping on Misty's page for a while (shhhh, don't tell her) I started to think that she may be just what I need to get my booty back in gear. And she was!! She answers my million and one silly questions, motivates me when I start slacking and cheers on all my accomplishments, no matter how small. She is an amazing coach, motivator, inspiration and friend."
Jill B.

"I just need to take a moment to give this amazing coach a huge shout out. Between myself and my girls we have been around the dance world for way too long and one thing that is hard to find in any sport/activity, is a pure whole heartily amazing coach, leader and mentor all in one.
Thank you Coach Misty for always caring about your whole team. Thank you for not only showing these kids how to dance their booties off but the discipline of hard work and team sportsmanship. Thank you for keeping us parents in the loop even when u don’t know all the answers. Thank you for being one of my daughters biggest role models and thank you for leading this team into a 3rd place winning team in the nation. Ur energy, care and positivity speaks volumes and doesn’t go unnoticed with the Vega/Rodriguez family."

Melissa V.

"Where to begin....love, love, love Misty!!! I don't know anyone who puts more positive energy into the universe and who continually finds ways to help me achieve goals! I know she always has my back and is there to cheer me on no matter the goal and whether I hit roadbumps or I knock it out of the park she is there for me on the journey. Everyone needs a Misty Nanna in their life!!!"
Tara M

"Misty is AmAzInG! She has been my coach for years, her energy for life is inspiring. She helps you stay on track with her accountabilty groups and fresh ideas. Always so informative and truly cares about helping you achieve your goals."
Jenny G.

"Misty is a tremendous talent! She is super hard-working and completely dedicated to improving the lives of others by teaching everyday fitness, dance, eating healthy and overall life fufillment skills. She leads by example, setting the trend through inspiring blogs and keeping it real with unedited true stories about her own life. I highly recommend her services!" 
Amy C.

"I met Misty through mutual friends and have worked with her since 2015. She encompasses everything you would want in a leader, mentor, and friend. Misty leads from the heart and offers a hand up to other women who want to rock at life! Being fearless in the everyday, she has shown me what it means to be committed to family, faith, fitness, and FUN!!! My life continues to get better having Misty in my life. A true blessing I never knew I needed or deserved!"
Jane M.

"Misty is such an inspirational and thoughtful coach! She is always available to answer any questions I have! She motivates and inspires me on a daily basis to be the best version of myself! She really is a part of my fitness journey!"
Kera L.