BBQ Shrimp Wrap

BBQ Shrimp Wrap.....yummy!!!! I threw this low cal meal together tonight for dinner and it was delicious!!! The tangy, sauce I mixed was the bomb!! 

- shrimp (already pre-cooked in the package)
- romaine lettuce
- feta cheese (or your choice)
- whole wheat tortilla
- sea salt/pepper
*Mrs Dash is salt free if you prefer.
-Sweet Baby Rays bbq Sauce
- Marzetti Sweet Italian Salad Dressing (I prefer Marzetti, but didn't have it on hand

 -Heat pan with non-stick spray. Place shrimp in the pan. Spray the shrimp with non-stick spray and lightly season with sea salt and pepper. Toss shrimp until warm. Don't cook too long. I do about 2 minutes on each side.

- Lightly spray the wrap with non-stick spray. Place in pan and heat on both sides. Remove and set aside.

-In a separate bowl, mix 2 tbl of Italian dressing with 2 tbl of bbq (or eyeball it and make as much as you need). I did not have Marzetti Sweet Italian dressing on hand, but that is what I prefer.

- Place lettuce on top of whole wheat tortilla. 
- Next, add shrimp and sprinkle the feta cheese.
- Drizzle your sauce on top of your shrimp. 
- Wrap it up and EAT! Enjoy while the shrimp is warm!