Spicy Buffalo Tailgate Trail Mix

Football season calls for tasty snacks! Nothing says football watching party more to me than spicy buffalo chicken wings and a big bowl of chips. Well, why not mix the two together in one easy to make treat? Once you try this amazingly simple and spicy buffalo trail mix recipe, you’ll be hooked!
Step 1

Melt butter and mix in the hot sauce and seasoning salt. Add the cereal, pretzels and nuts in a large microwave safe bowl and pour the sauce over the ingredients and stir.

Step 2 

Microwave for 2 minutes then spread it out on a baking sheet.

Step 3

Spread out on a baking sheet and broil on high for 5 minutes, remove and stir and place back in oven for another 3-5 minutes until crispy.

Step 4

Let cool and serve up in cute cups!