Turkey BLT

Turkey BLT

My kids and I had this for lunch and LOVED it! It was something different than just peanut butter and jelly. They were mad when I topped it off with Greek yogurt, but then took a BITE and said "Mom, it's sooo good!!".  It's much better than using mayo. This will be a once a week lunch for us this summer!

- Whole Wheat Bread
- Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt

- Turkey Bacon
- Turkey Slices
- Provolone Cheese
- Lettuce
- Tomato
- pepper to taste

- Toast the bread lightly in the toaster.
-Place turkey, bacon, cheese, and lettuce on top on the bread.
-Spread yogurt across the sandwich
-Top with tomato and sprinkle with pepper
-Fold in half or top with another piece of bread.
*Avocado would be another healthy fat to spread of top off your sandwich with. Enjoy!


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    1. Im not sure what she would say, but I would count it as:
      1 red (2 turkey bacon, 3 slices turkey)
      1 yellow (bread)
      1 blue (cheese, ill use cheddar)
      Maybe 1/2 green

    2. It would need to be 2 Y because of the bread and 1.5 R because of the greek yogurt


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