You're Never Too Old To Dream

Dreams don't come true! Oh yes they do, and they aren't just for children. They are for anyone who believes that they are meant for MORE. It's for anyone who timidly takes the first step on an unknown journey because they know that something has to change. Life will happen that way. Sometimes you are so desperate for change that you are willing to get uncomfortable in order to create that change. Perhaps you feel God is tugging at your heart and you're sitting around waiting for him to tell you when you go. The tug is the permission to go.  Don't wait. Don't expect life to come to you. You have to RUN towards life no matter your age. And don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. I didn't have dreams 2 years ago. I thought they were silly and weak. Actually when you think about it, dreams are the things that take strength, conviction, and a little insanity and those who dream big are the most amazing and incredibly strong people.
I dreamed big and I'm still dreaming Big. While I don't know HIS plan, I trust HIS heart knowing that big things are on the horizon. Are you focused on the horizon, or on the next step in front of you? Look up.....and DREAM BIG.

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