Do You Suffer From Anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety? Since having my oldest daughter over 7 years ago, I have suffered from anxiety. I was fine being at home, but as soon as I got in my car for work in the morning, it would begin. My commute to school was only 15 minutes, but 2 minutes into the ride, the anxiety would kick in. My stomach would feel weak. My palms would sweat. Thoughts would go through my mind of "What if I died. What if something ever happened to my kids." The words would keep racing through my brain and wouldn't stop. It wasn't just my commute to work. It was any time I left the house for an extended period of time. Whenever a passenger in the car, I'm gripping my seat, closing my eyes the entire way. I would hate the fact that I wasn't in "control" of the car. Again, that nervous feeling would run all through my body. I would start to feel like I was a crazy person. 

My doctor suggested that I take medication to alleviate the problem. I kindly declined and knew I just had to cope with it on my own. I tried medication in the past and blew up like a balloon....15 pounds. I decided to forget the anxiety medication and buy a new pair of gym shoes instead. I started working out daily 17 months ago, 30 minutes a day. Since then, my anxiety has been drastically reduced. 

Exercise gave me the power to be MYSELF again. Thanks to those new pair of gym shoes, I got my life back!

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