The Laundry Can Wait....Why? Because I'm Worth It.

The Laundry Can Wait.....Why? Because I'm Worth It.

When you have a purpose in life, you have to have a "WHY". I get asked all of the time...."How do you do it ALL Misty?". The answer...I don't do it all. Yes, I have loads of laundry sitting in my closet. I come home from work and there are toys sprawled out on the floor that my kids left. Half the time I don't have a chance to pick up the Matchbox cars and blocks while running out the door for work. I'm lucky that some days I have pants on...seriously!!! I realize my basement needs some spring cleaning. The list goes on. BUT....when it comes down to it, I know that MY body is my #1 PRIORITY. If I don't take care of myself, who else is? I am a school teacher, coach, a mother, wife. I put EVERYONE else BEFORE me. Can you RELATE???

I had an "AH HA" moment last year, when I realized, "I need to take care of myself, before I can take care of anyone else." That is why I take 4% of my day to workout. It's just 30 minutes. I would RATHER have a couple piles of LAUNDRY sit in my bedroom closet, than for me to one day be in the HOSPITAL having a heart attack. Yes, heart failure runs in my family. In the hospital, would you think, "Crap, I didn't do the laundry!"? Hell no!!!
My point is to make time for yourself. I can motivate you, but you have to do the work. What's more IMPORTANT to you....the LAUNDRY or your LIFE?

~Misty xoxo

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