My Baby.....P90x3 was so hard to wake up this morning, how about you?!!  I made myself get out of bed at 5:15 and start my day with one of my favorite workout programs...P90x3! This program is like my's the very first Beachbody program that Todd and I started back in January of 2014.  This is the program that completely CHANGED our LIVES and TRANSFORMED our BODIES!! I guess that's why my first LOVE is with changed my life.
What I love about P90x3 is the VARIETY of workouts that incorporate both cardio and weights. I love using the resistance band too. Not only did this program help me lose my first 14 inches and 10 pounds, but it made me soooo STRONG!

P90x3 is on sale this month which is very rare. If you have any questions about the program or an interest, I would happy to share my experience and details with you.

*Our Spring Into Fitness challenge group starts APRIL 12th!*
 It's a 24 hour online team that motivates you and keeps you accountable.
 Best of all, you have me as your coach and a team to cheer you on! Join us!!

~ Misty xoxo

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