"Beach Fit" group starting March 16th!!

Ok Ladies...take a look at these 2 pictures.
Both bathing suit #1 and #2 are both one pieces.

How many of you see women at the pool or beach in a suit like #1? A LOT, right? Now the question is WHY? I know the ANSWER...you want to cover as much as possible because you are insecure about your body. Did I GUESS right??

Well guess what....this was ME two summers ago! I wore what I called my ugly "Chicago Bears Bathing Suit". It was a blue and orange suit with that long, hanging skirt to cover my butt and thighs. Then I would tug at the top to stretch it out so no one could see it sticking to my stomach as I got out of the water. Can ANYONE feel my pain?? As summer ended, I knew I did not want to wear that ugly looking suit ever again!! It wasn't even worth giving to Goodwill, so I threw it away. (Kind of funny, but not.)

With working out only 30 minutes a day and cooking clean meals, I now have a completely different looking body that I will no longer HIDE behind the ugly "skirt". You can too!! It doesn't always have to be a bikini, you can ROCK OUT a super cute one piece like suit #2 and feel CONFIDENT!! Throw away that skirt!!

Summer is only 12 weeks away. Who is ready to start getting in SHAPE NOW so you are ready to hit the pool Memorial Day Weekend?

**Join my "BEACH FIT" group starting MARCH 16th. Limited Spots Available!**
- Meal Plans Provided
- Private Online Team
- Accountability
- Workout at Home
- Me as your Free Coach!

Comment or message me for more info!


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