My husband Todd......LOST 28 pounds and over 30 inches!!! He went down 3 PANT SIZES!!! I am SO PROUD of him and I have to announce it to the world!!!!

HOW did he do this? He lost his last 18 POUNDS with the 21 DAY FIX!! After the holidays, he put back a few pounds and was mad at himself for gaining after all of his hard work with P90x3 and PiYo.  I convinced him to try the 21 DAY FIX with me after New Years.  After just 2 1/2 rounds, Todd is at his COLLEGE WEIGHT!! He is so EXCITED, he can't stop smiling LOOK AT THE PICTURES....CRAZY, RIGHT???

Once you see RESULTS, you can't stop!! Its the BEST FEELING! Todd had to leave for work at 4:30 a.m. this morning.  Would you believe he woke up at 3:00 am to get in his 21 Day Fix Yoga before he left. You know why?  He LOVES the RESULTS he's seeing!! It makes him a better husband, father, lacrosse coach and most of all....he's happiest with HIMSELF!!

The 21 Day Fix is an amazing program! I can't say better things about it. WAY TO GO TODD (Daddy, Hubs)

*We are starting a "BEACH FIT" group March 16th!!  Message me on Facebook or comment below if interested!!*

-Misty xoxo

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