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Todd and I started P90x3, 9 months ago on Christmas Eve. P90x3 completely changed our lives. Why did we do it? We were ashamed of how out of shape we were. We would look at pictures and wonder how we even got to that point. Every time we would get dressed, we would be tugging at our shirts trying to make them fit better. Pulling our jeans to try to stretch them out. Who can RELATE??

PARENTS of little KIDS....are you CRAZY??!!  Trust us, we both get how exhausted parents can be!! Yes...when we began our journey, our son was only 8 months old, along with our daughters that were 5 and 3 years of age.  Did that stop us?  NO!  Before I said yes, I could come up with a million excuses on why we should not start this program.  BUT....We came to a point where our WHY was bigger than our EXCUSES!!

My neighbor encouraged us to join her challenge group. It was the BEST decision we ever made!! 
Todd and I worked out together for 12 weeks and drank Shakeology alongside the support of our coach. We MOTIVATED and ENCOURAGED each other EVERY day. If there was a day I was tired, Todd wouldnt let me fail. We were a TEAM. As the weeks went by, our bodies were transforming. As the inches and pounds were decreasing, we were pumped to keep going. The workouts are ONLY 30 minutes a day!! There was no excuse!

 As an end result, Todd LOST 21 POUNDS and 16 INCHES!! I lost 8 pounds and 12 inches!! Not only that, our marriage grew stronger than ever.  We also have more energy for our kids!

We are repeating another round of P90x3 and our team is growing and growing each day!  We would love to have you JOIN our TEAM.  We PROMISE to MOTIVATE and SUPPORT you all the way!
We will help you  reach your GOAL!! 

FALL Challenge Group:  
Message me on Facebook or email me if you would like to join!
We start Oct 13th, but its never too late!

I am also running  PiYo and 21 DAY FIX teams as well!!

Contact Misty:
Facebook....Misty Masino Nanna (message me)

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